Cancelation and Refund

No Refunds.

You may cancel your Rackprofessional Account at any time; however, there are no refunds for cancellation. As permitted under the terms of this Agreement, once you pay and download file, after that you will not be able to get refund or chargeback of this transaction. You understand and agree that after download you shall not dispute this transaction for chargeback and claim no refund after payment and download. You can only claim updated version of product and in case of failure you can get updates of this exam or claim any other alternate exam of same value. You can claim updates for 30 days of any product after purchase date

Billing Policies

Different products have different prices. These fees and charges, if any, are described on the exam page of Site, you elect to use paid aspects of the Rackprofessional Service, you agree to the pricing, payment and billing policies applicable to such fees and charges, posted at the website


The prices are VAT inclusive, unless otherwise indicated. The prices of any service or goods that you might want to purchase are clearly mentioned under the option you select on our Website. We are not liable for amending or withdrawing, refusing to process order or failing to do so for any of the products or services that we sell.
Before you confirm the order, the total price of your purchase will be shown to you. We reserve the right to update, withdraw or amend any of the services and products that we offer, or change their prices at any time without prior explanation or notice. In the wake of a serious error, even though we make full effort to make sure prices are always correct, any such transaction shall be voided by us, and you will be entitled to a full refund


Your credit card data is sent directly via payment service provider (acquiring bank) whenever you make payments through your credit card.
The Company takes all possible reasonable steps against of unauthorized access by third parties. This excludes, the possibility of such data becoming accessible to third parties while being transferred electronically. But it must be noted that it’s impossible to protect the data transferred electronically 100% sure. Please don’t forget about the possibility of such data can become known by unauthorised third parties and take care about that from your part as well