CCIE Routing and switching v5.0

What are CCIE Routing and switching v5.0?

CCIE Routing and switching main objective are to develop Expert Level network engineers. And it will help to develop an entry in the best industries also. The network runs through switches and routers- all computers and peripherals connected with it. In the structure layout of CCIE Routing and switching v5.0 network is used to connect computers and peripherals with two pieces of equipment – switches, and routers. Computers can only communicate with each other through proper networking systems.

Material required in between the program

Main components of the program are:

  • Performance assessment labs,
  • Workbook labs,
  • Instructor-led training,
  • Self-paced lessons on demand, and reference library

Features of Routing and Switching

  • It provides Offers a broad view of student progress
  • Simplifies performance judgments and skills-gap analysis
  • It also provides 24x 7 online access for flexible planning
  • Supports on-demand scheduling, completion or extension of labs
  • Allows students to store configurations and continue with the lab later
  • Stays active throughout the entire subscription period

Functions of CCIE Routing and Switching 5.0-

Switches are the main object which is used to connect multiple devices on the same network which is available in the same building, organization or campus.

Two basic types of switches

  • An unmanaged switch does not allow you to make changes for example, Home-networking equipment often will have unmanaged switches.
  • A managed switch allows you to reprogram and access. It also monitored and adjusted locally or remotely to give you to manage traffic over the network.

Routers are used to bond multiple networks together. The main example of a router is an Internet connection through which all computers access the Internet through network computers. The router act as a dispatcher through which information travels all over the network and it is also very beneficial for the business organization internally and outside world and surety to protect information and security.

Function of routers

  • Firewall: It will help to examine incoming data and protect from network attacks.
  • Private Network (VPN): Remote employees safely access the network remotely.
  • IP Phone network: connect the company’s computer and telephone network, using voice and conferencing technology, to simplify your communications

Benefits of Switches

  • Switches connect your computers, printers, servers with shared resources network.
  • Switches also help to works as a controller through which all information shares between the secured.
  • It also helps to save money and increase productivity.

Routers and Switches support

  • Sharing applications
  • Speeding access to information
  • Manage information efficiently
  • Review what is happening across your business
  • Enhancing customer service
  • Provide ready access to customer information
  • Improve customer responsiveness
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Share office equipment for reduced costs
  • Provide high-speed Internet access

Refining security

  • Reduce risk
  • Provide secure remote access for mobile workers
  • Get work done from anywhere
  • The quality of your existing equipment
  • Flexibility
  • Easy connectivity
  • Reliability


From all this, we came to know that CCIE routing and switching both play an important role in the area of network and all are fully dependent on these devices to access secured network.

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