Google Cloud Certification - G Suite

What is Google Cloud Certification – G Suite and its features?

The Google Cloud certification – G Suite signals to employers that possess the digital skills to work collaboratively and productively in an office. After completion of the G Suite certification, a candidate can prove their ability to complete common workplace activities using cloud-based tools to create and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. And you also ensure that you communicate effectively with email and online meeting solutions.

The key features of the G Suite platform:


  • Managing files
  • Creating and managing folders
  • Locating files
  • Changing display and settings.
  • Sharing files and folders.


  • Personalizing settings
  • Managing your inbox
  • Managing and communicating with contacts

Hangouts Meet

  • Scheduling and launching a hangout
  • Managing sound, video, and bandwidth.
  • Managing meetings with Hangouts.


  • The setting of pages in a document
  • Changing text formatting


  • Managing values, rows, cells or columns
  • Formatting sheets and cells.
  • Inserting non-text elements.
  • Collaborating and sharing in Sheets.
  • Importing and converting from other file types.

The guide contains all topics that may be included in the exam. Hands-on practice is the best way to prepare for the exam and check your readiness to take the exam and explore the G Suite guides and tips and the training resources and you schedule your exam also.

What are the benefits of Google Cloud certification?

Five Ways to benefit your business


G Suite offers apps such as Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar and all of these apps for free, but you get more features with the paid service.


G Suite apps allow you and your team members to work together on the same documents at the same time. In real-time, you can do the edits and G Suite automatically saves them in the cloud.


With Google Drive, employees can safely store data and access it from any device. G Suite stores information in Google data centers and it guarantees that if one or more servers fail, your information won’t be lost and you can easily access it whenever you need to.


One of the important features of G Suite is to get a custom email with your domain name. This will make your business communication appear more professional in the eyes of your customers and you can store 30 GB of data. And G Suite also offers the well-known video conferencing app Google Hangouts and with hangouts, you can easily communicate with your employees and clients and this feature brings the team together for important meetings and brainstorming sessions, with no issues of location.


You can easily organize meetings, plans, and schedule appointments. Google Calendar is a single planner through which the entire company can view, update and post about the meetings. To manage users and devices that connect to your G Suite apps, you can use the Admin Console. The console lets you give team members access and join in other business apps.


From this, we come to know that GOOGLE CLOUD CERTIFICATION – G SUITE is a very useful and beneficial tool for employees in offices to communicate with each other in a very short time and free of cost.

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